Countdown to Christmas

As my favorite holiday season kicked-off, I settled-in for another hectic week, the kind that has become annoyingly typical this year: too many commitments squeezed into each inflexible 24-hour day, a problematic reliance on my perceived infallibleness and a false assumption that I am capable of successfully executing this absurd agenda.

Looking at my calendar, I observed how completely I had filled each millisecond, ensuring that every step I took marched toward an ultra-specific goal. But as the weekend approached, the same fatigue from all the weeks before began dragging me down, and I was, quite visibly, coming apart at the seams. Continue reading

Idle July Evening

Registering Desire

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved pushing buttons. And I don’t mean figuratively: I literally liked to press those little plastic buttons on calculators, telephones cash registers – any gadget I could get my hands on. I loved the clicking noise they made. The response they elicited from the machine they were mounted on: a click, a beep, a number, a ding, a drawer…it was all so satisfying!  Continue reading