The Dreamer’s Guide to Crafting Your Personal Brand

My sin was to be faithless.
I would lie
As if I could be true to everyone
At once…
Clive James “Sentenced to Life

I have this pink fur coat that I bought on a whim at Forever 21 a few years ago that I wear all the time. It’s made of cheap plastic fibers intended to simulate the biological coat of some nonexistent pink animal. It’s cheap, tacky and designed for someone much younger than me, for sure. Yet for all its inherent wannabe, its puny teenage pretending, this coat is so Me that I feel like a walking billboard of myself whenever I wear it.  Continue reading

Boston Skate Park



Nothing in the apartment looks out of place as I scan my living room in the grey morning light, bleary-eyed and hungover from the night before. From the couch where I lay, I can see that the TV is still on, as is my party dress. The mascara I’d so carefully applied just 12 hours before has migrated and into the crevices of my eyes, causing them to burn as I try to make out the time on the cable box. It’s 5AM on Saturday already hot in the modest third floor apartment where I live with my friend Nisma. We didn’t bother getting AC when we moved in, because we thought the and large open windows in every room would produce enough airflow to keep it cool. They don’t. My parents hate that we keep them open because they see any open passage as an invitation for strangers to break in, a concern I brush off because they’ve ever lived in the city and “don’t know any better”. We’re on the third floor, how could anyone get to us? I ask with a rhetorical innocence that only the genuinely naive can achieve. For, as my parents know, I have never lived in the city either and cannot honestly answer my own question. Continue reading

You Failed

“hell man I know very well you didn’t come to me only to want to become a writer, and after all what do I really know about it except you’ve got to stick to it with the energy of a Benny addict.” Kerouac

The thing that no one tells you about failure, the goddamn drag of it that no one ever talks about at cocktail parties or on the jacket of their best seller, or in their hopeful, Go get ‘em tiger! speeches. The thing that knocks you down on your bloody knees and peels back that layer of skin, the tender one that’s never seen the light of day, Continue reading

3 Surprising Facts About Public Speaking That No One Ever Tells You

As you squint against the oppressive rays targeting your exposed, defenseless body from the merciless bulbs above, you can feel tiny drops of sweat gathering at your hairline, and you know what will happen next. The fire will continue to reign down from above, and those little tears will turn into roaring streams as they cascade down your face, slip over the ledge of your chin and plummet down your chest and into your belly button.

You wonder why a sunny day never feels this insufferable. It’s as if each ray is a member of the audience glaring at you, arms crossed, expecting you to do something. You’d give anything to be a guest right now, staring back at you, comfortably and perhaps a bit bored waiting to be entertained. Best of all, you’d be the one in darkness, safe in your shroud looking out into the light. 

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