All These Things And Nothing To Show For It

I gathered all your things:

Your green hoodie, the one with stain on the pocket that I always wore home from your house, even though it’s too big for me.

The picture you framed for me that I used to hang above my bed;

I remember when you drew me those flowers: One for the color of your lips kissing my cheek, one for your bright blue eyes studying my face, and one – the brightest of them all – for the color of your love reflected in my smile.

That white dress shirt you always wore – it was your favorite. I tried one time to get the armpit stains out of it, but I think I just made it worse.

Remember that ugly brown ring you gave me? It was your first present to me. You should have seen your face as I slid it on my finger. You were so proud that I wore it all the time, even though I hated it.

Oh and that pink birthday card! I never remember what it said on the front. It was the first time you told me you loved me…

Anyway, all those things of yours, I packed them neatly in a paper bag

And placed it at the bottom of the stairs.

Every time I leave the house, it looks eagerly at me

Like a child, impatient and expectant, as if I have some kind of plan for it.
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The other woman

“If you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you. if you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it’s your joke.” – Nora Ephron

I’m going out to see my ex boyfriend (the one that doesn’t have a wife and baby) in California, and up until the other day I wasn’t worried about it. In fact, I was really excited. The last time I was there we had such a great time that I knew this visit would be more of the same.  Continue reading

Overheard at the Clothing Store

Phone rings.

Me: “Hello, One More Time!”

Young Man: “Hi, do you have mens leather jackets?”

Me: “Yup. What size are you looking for?”

Young Man: “Uhhh. Ummmm. Hey, what size am I?” he asked, his voice pointed away from the phone.

A woman responded in the background: “You’re a medium!”

Young Man: “Uh, I’m a medium, if that means anything to you.”

Me to coworkers: “Hey, if a guy walks in looking like a lost puppy, show him all the medium leather jackets we’ve got.”

A Look is Worth a Thousand Words

You didn’t understand why it was that he left. You weren’t even sure that you cared. But it was the way in which he departed – so hastily, before you had a chance to really enjoy each others company – that rattled you. There were no words exchanged, no emotions expressed, yet he flew out of that love nest like a little birdie that found its wings, drivin’ fast in that T-Bird till daddy took it away. Continue reading